MizanExpert - Certified Google Cloud Engineer and Professional Cloud Architect

Md Mizanur Ali

Certified Google Cloud Engineer and Cloud Architect | Full Stack Software Developer | Native Speaker in English

Professional Summary

Experienced working as a Cloud Architect and Cloud Engineer. Currently, I am work as a Cloud Engineer, where I provide enterprise architecture solutions in a cloud. Familiar with DevOps and "Infrastructure as Code" tools, including Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible and Jenkins. Deeply passionate about creating scalable and highly available infrastructure architecture. I hold certifications from leading company as a demonstrated of my expertise. If you catch me outside of work, I'm an adventurous traveler.

Bilingual in Bengali and fluent in English, I prefer to speak British English. But I am equally proficient in American English.

As a young generation, I love to learn creative coding. I prefer art installations, interactive art, generative art, visual arts, sound art, 3D video games, 2D/3D drawing with programming.



Dinajpur, Bangladesh



Work Availability

Open for contract, remote work or in office anywhere in the London, England

Hours Availability

More than 30 hrs/week


Last revised in January, 2023


Pandera Systems LLC

November 2022 - Present | Remote

Cloud Engineer

Work experience involves:

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 100%
Linux / Unix Administration 90%
Server Operation and enterprise architecture 92%
Network structure, web application architectures, micro- services 84%
Scripts analysis/writing with JavaScript 87%


Vecro Tech

April 2022 - Present | Remote / Office

Senior WordPress Developer

Work experience involves:

Web Development 100%
WordPress 100%
Malware Analysis 91%
Troubleshoot and Resolve Technical & Procedural issues 95%
Website Maintenance 100%


CS Trading Co Ltd

October 2019 - March 2022 | Remote

Full Stack Developer

Work experience involves:

Web Development 100%
Software Development 86%
PHP, NodeJS, TypeScript, React 98%
Database, Github and APIs 92%


Skills & Strengths

Entry Level: 0% - 49%
Intermediary : 50% - 89%
Senior : 90% - 100%

Operating Systems

Windows 7 and newer 100%
Windows Server 2012 and newer 93%
MAC OS X Leopard and newer 100%
Linux / Unix 100%
Chrome OS 97%


Visual Studio Code 100%
Xcode 95%
GitHub Actions 90%
BitBucket 100%
Terraform 95%
Ansible 88%
Jenkins 91%
Kubernetes / Docker 93%
VMware 91%
CodeBlocks 78%
WordPress 100%
Shopify 52%
Prestashop 39%

Hardware & Networking

Desktops 100%
Laptops 100%
RAID System 82%
Firewall 88%
Networking (TCP/IP, Routing, DNS & DHCP) 96%
Devices / Networking Equipments 99%


Python 98%
Java 86%
Go 91%
R 84%
C++ 86%
NodeJS 97%
React 96%
Vue 93%
p5.js 94%
WebGL 86%
JavaScript / TypeScript 100%
Powershell 95%
Bash Scripting 100%
HTML 100%
PHP 100%
CSS 100%
MySQL 96%

Cloud Computing Technology

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 100%
Amazon Web Services (AWS) 97%
IBM Cloud 91%
Microsoft Azure 81%


English 100%
Bengali 100%

Education & Certifications

Goldsmiths, University of London

2022-2024 (expected)

Bachelor of Science Computer science

Included course in first year: Programming , Computer Systems, Front End Web, Computing, Problem Solving, Graphics Programming.

Grade: A+

Bogura Cantonment Public School and College


Associate's degree, Computer science

Grade: A+


Google Professional Cloud Architect (December 2022)
Google Associate Cloud Engineer (October 2022)
Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer (In Progress)


Udemy Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp - MERN STACK (Dec 2022)
Udemy Enterprise Application Development and Architectures (Dec 2022)
IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate (Aug 2022)
Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate (Jun 2022)
Udemy Mathematics for Software Developer (Jun 2022)
Udemy Software Architecture (May 2022)
LinkedIn Become a Software Developer (Apr 2022)
IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate (Apr 2022)
freeCodeCamp Machine Learning with Python Certification (Mar 2022)
Google IT Support Professional Certificate (Feb 2022)
Udemy Python Network Programming for Network Engineers (Nov 2021)
freeCodeCamp Scientific Computing with Python Certification (Nov 2021)
Udemy Web Development Masterclass Certification (Feb 2020)
Udemy JavaScript Beginner to Expert (Sep 2019)
Udemy Front-End Web Development Certification (Aug 2019)


WordPress Theme Reviewer

March 2021 - Present

A volunteer who review and approve themes submitted to be included in the official WordPress Theme directory. And review that have maintained coding standards and bug free.


Travel / Explorer

I'm an adventurous traveler, and love to view heritage which help me to learn new thing.

Coding Learning

I am a fast learner, and I keep up with the latest trends in the industry by learning new tools, code and best practices.

Capturing Nature's

I love to capture nature's beauty while also learning about photography's technology and its history.